Nutri Infusion 700 V4

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Nutri Infusion 700 V4


The powerful 700 watt motor of the NutriInfusion 700 powers the Vortex Infusion blades at a huge 20,000 rpm to pulverise fruit and vegetables, skins, seeds and nuts. Releases vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals from everyday food while keeping much-needed fibre essential for your good health.

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Nutri Infusion 700 V4


    Vortex Infusion Blades  Specially designed to infuse foods at a huge 20,000 rpm
    Clean-up Is a Breeze Just rinse the cups under a tap - and you're done
    Instant goodness Infusing fruits, vegetables, skins and seeds in an instant
    More power, much cooler  Crushes ice in seconds for super cool refreshing infusions
    Smoothest Results Ban the lumps forever!

    1x Base Unit 3x Silicone Sleeves
    1x Grinding Blade 2x Small Cups
    1x Infusion Blade 1x Travel Lid
    3x Large Cups 1x Shaker Lid
    2x Cup Rings 3x Solid Lids

    Power base: 4.7inches diameter top; 5.9 inches diameter bottom; 7 inches tall

    Power: Mains Power
    Colour: Anthracite Grey
    220-240V - 50Hz
    Dishwasher safe (Cups only), blades should be rinsed/hand-washed


  • What is an 'As Is' product?

    This product may be a customer return, vendor sample, or on-air display and is not in its originally manufactured condition. It may not be new. In some instances, these items are repackaged by Brand Developers.

  • Are the cups microwave safe?

    No. The cups are not intended for use in the microwave. Do not place the cups, Power Base or accessories in the microwave as this may result in damage to the appliance. 

  • Is the NutriInfusion able to crush ice?

    Yes. The stainless steel blades are designed to be able to crush ice. 

  • What is the difference between juicing and nutrient infusing?

    Juicers might give you great-tasting juice but without all the valuable fibre that can give you so many more health benefits. Nutrient Infusing allows you to get the most from your food, breaking down fruits and vegetables to a cellular level, without losing all the nutrients in the pulp - boosting your health and vitality like never before! 

  • Am I still covered by a warranty?

    Absolutely. Nutri Infusion is covered by a 1 Year Product Warranty.