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GoGo Smart TV Stick


The GoGo TV Stick gives you instant access to over 1 million apps without costing you a fortune! You will no longer need to squint by using apps or watching movies on your smart phone or tablet.

Stop feeling guilty about spending so much and significantly cut down on your satellite costs, today!

GoGo Smart TV Stick


    Instant Smart TV Turn any ordinary TV into a Smart TV by inserting your device into a USB port
    Web Surfing on TV Surf the web, play games, listen to music and read emails on your TV 
    Portable Plug into any TV for instant Smart TV access
    Over 1 million apps You will no longer need to squint by using apps or watching movies on your Smart Phone or Tablet

    1x GoGo Stick
    1x USB Power Cable
    1x HDMI Extension Cable
    1x OTG Cable
    1x AC Power Adapter 

    Stick: 4" Length x 2" Width 
    Mouse: 3-3/4" Length x 2-1/8" Width x 1-1/2" Height

GoGo Smart TV Reviews

  • First Time User

    "Reading a book on a large screen TV is like nothing before – you don’t have to wear glasses any more!"

  • First Time User

    "It’s so much nicer watching on the big screen than having to watch on my phone!"

  • First Time User

    "Thanks to the GoGo, now we’re able to watch whatever we want online – and it’s free!"


  • What is a 30-day Risk Free Trial?

    Our 30-day Risk Free Trial gives you the peace of mind to be able to try the GoGo TV Stick for 30 days from receipt before paying for the full purchase price. Speak to one of our telephone agents today.

  • Does GoGo Smart TV Stick come with a warranty?

    GoGo is covered by a 1 Year Product Warranty. 

  • Does the GoGo TV Stick come with a manual?

    Absolutely! Here is the user guide manual in case you wish to access it online.

  • What’s included with my GoGo Smart TV stick?

    1x GoGo Stick with HDMI connection
    1x USB Power Cable
    1x HDMI Extension Cable
    1x OTG Cable
    1x AC Power Adapter

  • What are the measurements of the GoGo stick?

    Stick: 4" Length x 2" Width
    Mouse: 3-3/4" Length x 2-1/8" Width x 1-1/2" Height

  • What should I do after connecting my GoGo TV Stick?

    After your GoGo TV Stick interface is loaded - the first thing to do is to connect to your Wi-Fi. You may also connect directly with an Ethernet. Make sure that your input is the correct HDMI. We strongly suggest creating a Google account if you do not have one, this will allow you to use more features and log into the Google play store where additional apps are located. 

  • Can I Skype chat on my GoGo stick? 

    Yes, you can even Skype with family members straight from your TV, even if you don't have a computer. Additional webcam needed for video chat (not included)

  • Can I use any type of mouse or keyboard with the GoGo stick?

    Absolutely! Just ensure that they are connected to the correct slot. If necessary, you may add extra devices by using a USB hub. 

  • How important is my internet signal?

    It is important that you have strong internet connection to ensure you are able to stream TV programmes and movies without buffering issues. To prevent this, we highly recommend having your modem in the same room as your GoGo TV stick. Please bear in mind that not all apps require internet connection to function. 

  • Why does the GoGo logo appear on my screen for a long time?

    Your GoGo TV stick should only appear on your screen for less than a minute to show that your device is loading. However, if it appears for longer than a minute, this suggests that there is not sufficient power coming from the TV USB port to power the device. To prevent this, you must use the included AC power adapter when using your GoGo on the TV. 

  • Why can't I see the GoGo air mouse cursor?

    Once batteries are installed correctly and the USB receiver has been placed into your GoGo - double click on the Orange (M) in the centre of the air mouse. This turns the mouse on and displays the cursor. After one minute, this will disappear on its own if not used. 

  • Why doesn't my GoGo Flip mouse cursor appear on the TV?

    You should attach the GoGo mouse USB receiver to your GoGo stick before you power it up.

    When you first use your Flip Mouse, you may need to sync the two together by standing close to the GoGo. Try these steps:

    1. Put Flip mouse USB receiver into GoGo stick before powering up.
    2. Be sure that Flip mouse is closed until home screen is fully uploaded.
    3. While standing as close as possible (within 3 feet) - open the Flip mouse and look for the pointer to appear.
    4. Once you see the pointer syncs with GoGo Stick, you may now operate the mouse from within 10 to 15 feet.

    It may take anywhere from 1 minute to 20 minutes for the apps on your GoGo stick to load up which causes the signal form the mouse to not be read. If this happens, fold the remote closed and wait while the apps continue to upload, do not power your unit down yet. You may open your mouse occasionally doing this time to check to see if it able to sync yet.

    If you still do see the pointer, re-boot the GoGo Stick by unplugging the power to it for and plug right back in to load it up again with mouse receiver in GoGo and stay with 3 ft. and let the home screen load.

  • Why isn't my internet connecting?

    After selecting your internet provider by clicking on its name - ensure that you are using the correct password. If it continues to display 'authenticating' - the password is likely to be incorrect.

  • Can I download more applications?

    Of course! You can add or remove apps that are on your GoGo. You may want to add more memory with a micro TF card to your GoGo Stick. We recommend to not use more than 32gb. 

  • Why is there no signal on my TV after connecting the GoGo HDMI?

    Ensure that your GoGo stick is powered up - you should see a small blue light on the side lit. If you still do not see the GoGo logo on your screen, make sure that all connection is in tight. The GoGo stick must be firmly connected into your TV HDMI. If you’re having problems connecting the GoGo directly to your TV - use the HDMI extension cable provided. Ensure that all your connections are tight. 

  • Can I view my manual online?

    Absolutely - click here to view