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Burn Fat & Tone-Up At Home!


  • Shark Rotator NV750

    3 Vacuums in 1! Changes into a lift-away instantly & never loses suction for a superior clean - every time.

  • Bambillo Mattress Topper

    Transform your old lumpy, bumpy mattress in an instant. The easiest way to upgrade your bed.

Recently Aired

  • Taste The Difference Air Roaster

    Cook all your favourite foods - without having to add fats or oils!

  • The Renovator Transforma Ladder

    Up to 35 Ladders in 1 - it's the only ladder you'll ever need!

  • StarTastic Laser Lights

    Light up your home in seconds! With over 1000 beautiful lights you'll be the envy of your neighbourhood.

  • Health Centre Massage Chair

    Unwind, relax and leave all the daily stresses & strains behind in the comfort of your own home.

  • The Renovator Extra Pair of Hands

    The portable clamping system that replicates a number of different clamps on one easy-to-use device.

  • Total Gym Fit

    Forget expensive gym memberships - get in shape at home! An all-in-one workout that's easy to use, and fun!

  • Sensica sensiLight Mini

    An affordable introduction to the advanced system for at home pulsed-light hair removal.

  • Conrad Meier Fish Harvester

    Cut through surf, wind and breakers to take your line almost 2 km’s off shore – where the big fish are.

Trending Now

  • Be Active

    A patented pressure pad combined with a leg brace designed to help reduce unwanted back pain.

  • Kool Grill

    The portable BBQ you can take anywhere - the beach, the boat, the park! Why struggle with a bulky BBQ!

  • The Renovator Paint Runner Pro

    The easier and faster way to paint - get the job done with no drips and no mess!

  • Genius Garlic Cutter

    Easily transforms your garlic cloves into 81 precision cut cubes. Instant, easy garlic preparation!




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